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Applied Integrative Energy Healing

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What I Help Release

Pain in any body location:   head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, thighs, calves, ankles and feet.

Numbness in any body location:   feeling stuck, locked or in concrete.

Injuries that won't heal.

Chronic migraine headaches, TMJ, Sciatica, Skin problems or hair loss.

Reproductive, Sexual or Genital issues.

Heavy Unresolved Emotional Issues:   guilt, shame, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and sudden life changes such as separation, divorce or loss.

Physical Symptoms / Emotional Roots

Do you have stubborn health issues or persistent life challenges?  Have you tried many experts and therapies with no lasting results?  This is often due to Complex Blockages in the energy field of your body.

Our life and health is a direct reflection of the parts of ourselves in light (conscious) and in darkness (unconscious).  Buried throughout the physical body, in exact correlation to our unconsciousness, each of us carries the emotional weight of every story in our entire life and ancestral history.

Our Release Process

Applied Integrative Energy Healing is my own unique process to help you release and integrate this weight of unresolved accumulated stress into light.

Our work together unloads underlying tensions, integrates complex blockages and restores coherency, flow, function and health in the energy field of your body.

The result you feel is a natural state of equilibrium with more energy, happiness and joy in a grounded stronger body to live your life of purpose.

Sessions are fully clothed and one hour.

Having an Emergency, Panic or Pain Attack?

Call for Mini Booster Sessions 20 min +

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