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Applied Integrative Energy Healing

  • Feel
  • Move
  • Radically Improve

I am an Empath, Auric Reader, Energy Intuitive and Energy Technician.   I can remove entities, lost souls, implants.   I am able to facilitate Activations / Upgrades.   These types of sessions show up when a client is ready.   They cannot be ordered.

Studies and Qualifications

2017   Accredited AcuEnergetics Wellness Balancer

2012   Simply Healed by Carolyn Cooper

2007   Ancient Sen Healing Massage: Ajarn/Master Ittidet Manarat Poo, Chiang Mai

2007   Traditional Thai Massage: WatPo Thai Massage Medical School

2003   Seichim L1 and L2: el Herrington

2002   Reconnective Healing L1 and L2: Eric Pearl

2002   The Reconnection: Eric Pearl

2001   Flower of Life Drunvalo Melchizedek: Simon Prone

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